Casting/Housing Repairs

Did that other shop tell you to throw away your broken casting? We have special welding rods that allow us to weld pretty much any metal you can put in front of us. Don’t throw it away, have Tropic Machine save your day!

Custom Bracketry

Can’t find anything for your custom install? There isn’t much we cannot make here in-house. We specialize in bending/forming/welding stainless steel to provide you products that last a lifetime!

Custom Racks

Is your engine room looking cluttered? Commission us to fabricate a custom rack or mounting brackets! We can make your engine room look showroom new!


Have a leaking turbo housing? Bring it to us for resurfacing. We can also weld repair and sleeve most turbo housings. Save yourself some money and come to us to get you back up and running full boost!

Engine Mounts

In search of custom mounts for a special application? We can fabricate what you need to get you back into alignment. We also make all sorts of transmission adapters and flywheel pilot plates.

Heat Exchanger Repair

We are MAN ENGINES sole warranty repair center for their heat exchange units. We also repair most all VOLVO, MTU, and CATERPILLAR housings as well. We not only repair the sealing surfaces in the housings, but we are able to repair the costly copper bundles that reside inside the housings. Call us for a free estimate today! We will get you back on the water in no time!

Drip Pans

Looking for a drip pan to fit a tight space? We can custom make mostly any size or shape. Your solution is only a phone call or email away!

Hydraulic Repairs

Having problems with leaking cylinders? Did your deck hand improperly close a hydraulic system leaving you with a bent rod? Come to us to refurbish worn out cylinders or to machine replacement rods. We can also make custom hydraulic cylinders for applications where that off the shelf unit isn’t quite what you need. Contact us now to get you back up and running!


Tropic Machine is capable of repairing or machining new manifolds of all types; pneumatic, hydraulic, or water manifolds. We make it look easy!

Oil Cooler Repair

Much like the heat exchangers that we specialize in repairing, we can repair your oil and transmission coolers as well! Before you throw that worn out cooler in the trash, bring it by us for a free estimate! Most of the time we make them better than new!


We can often times save you the cost of having to buy a new pump by repairing them. We recondition pump shafts and repair worn out or broken housings and bearing journals. Before you throw that broken pump in the trash, bring it to us! It is more than likely that we can repair your old unit to new specs for less than it cost to buy the new replacement.


We fabricate them all! Gas tanks, water tanks, hydraulic tanks, black tanks, you name it we can repair it or make a new one!

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